Referencer Maersk Line - Shanghai

Please receive some feedback for Arne Nielsson: The evaluation scored him 4 of 4 so that speaks for itself! Some comments below which were included: - When we are under such high pressure to deliver, it is very useful to have such motivational and inspiration speeches once in a while. Suggest to incorporate this into PRE calendar to have 1 or 2 such speeches every year. - Arne is a good coach combining real experience and theory in an excellent way. - Very good arrangement to invite guest speaker, the content is very useful, brings new ideas and ways of thinking, it's very good the speech is related with business as well as well as therr personality analysis etc. - Definitely inspiring and motivating speech. We can consider to have this kind of guest speaker more often to our office. - Good to have such session in the workshop to inspire new way of thinking and attitude. Best regards, Anders Bradt Schulze Maersk_Line

Maersk Line - Shanghai