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Do you believe you can make a difference???.....Do you believe you can have an impact???... Do you believe you can operate with all odds against you….and still be motivated … and win….DO YOU BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE??! Jason Watt is a true inspiration and a proof to the fact that life is not only what it is but what you decide it to BE! These are the first thoughts that spring to mind in a second or in a heartbeat. Imagine a room full of people, enthused, tired and full of information after an intensive programme – an 8 hour launch session is about to end and everybody relaxes a bit and are not aware of or even close to imagining the journey they are about to be taken on for the next hour; an inspirational talk, some might call it a pep talk, but in my eyes it will be a true inspirational voyage delivered in persona by Jason Watt. Imagine life at its worst, lights suddenly shuts off; fighting to hold on to your dreams, knowing all odds are against you, but then in a tiny moment seeing a glimpse of light, showinou the direction…. Believing change is possible, that you can make it happen bit by bit, your life slowly starts to take form, in a new setting, new frame, with new conditions! The will to overcome, challenge and eventually….win….to your own satisfaction. Imagine our colleagues and ourselves being captured in a capsule where time stands still, focused and hanging on by every word expressed of the amazing life experience of Jason Watt. Imagine the perspective it gives to your own life, mind set and frame you are operating within. Yes, challenges may come, yes odds against may play a role – but the question is‘DO YOU BELIEVE ….IN MAKING IT HAPPEN?!’ To Jason, Thank you for sharing with us your fantastic journey of belief and confidence – the inspiration it brought with it - believing that only the sky is the limit – it is not what it is, it is what you want it to be. On behalf of our team Jeanett Saplana-Int. Junior Product Manager

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