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The Will to Victory 2 – Coping

Arne Nielsson is a tenfold world champion and Olympic silver medallist in canoeing and has worked as a professional coach and lecturer, primarily for business people and top athletes since 1996. As one of the country’s most popular lecturers he has spoken to more than 200,000 people with ”The Will to Victory” as headline.

What is Coping?
On the basis of his latest book – ”The Will to Victory 2 – Coping” Arne Nielsson wants to introduce the term Coping.
It focuses on tools to get stronger and better at your job and in your private life.

Do you “tackle” yourself and your surroundings better?
Do you make the best “serve” to yourself, your colleague or your partner, or do you pass and imprecise “shot”?

Are you a Warrior or a Victim?
The warrior fights and sees opportunities, while the victim quits and sees limitations.

Do you take the basement stairs in stead of the development stairs?
If you are on your way down the basement stairs, it is with frustration and irritation as a consequence on your job or in your family life. However, if you chose the development stairs, you absorb and learn from what happens.

Are you prepared to leave your comfort zone and enter the development zone?
Arne Nielsson is outstanding at picking up situations from his everyday life and implementing them in his lectures. By use of these examples, among other things, Arne manages to make his lecture relevant, humorous and incredibly spot-on.